Pietro Lanzarini
CEO & CO-Founder
+39 331 407 880


Our Solution and how it comes into play

We strive and focus on innovation that may provide a greater experience to user. This is the reason of our existence. The customer is always at the central place. And that’s why our innovation has been translated in products that go against existing incumbents: our Bagtrax device enables baggage and cargo tracking no matter how deep the suppliers want to hide their malfunctioning, or where it has been sent. Our BBox for Mobility enables more confident purchasing habits of insurance contracts and second-hand cars, cancelling frauds while covering all mobility needs.

Bagtrax is patented, and we work to IP protect all our creations. One of our main innovations is our Insur-tech platform enabled by blockchain, capable of adapting to our different industries and propositions, and giving benefit to users like never before. Testing the driving habits before issuing a quotation for a driving insurance is one of these key points in our proposition, and no such algorithms is used by incumbents.

Our platform supplies on/off insurance while on the go, since it is linked to the individual risk and not the vehicle. There is no competitor that can use the same tool to personalize the data/contract to adapt them to different mobility supplier to insure them, and with a single monthly charge. Our BBox has to be connected to the vehicle, exchanges data in real time with the cloud server and runs on a proprietary algorithm. It is also connected to a webcam, to record and supply event information in case of accident.
Also, we are not limiting the area of usage. We believe that drones should also be insured against 3rd party damages, and we will encourage our solution to all aerial mobility users. Galileo comes particularly useful in this specific usage of tracking, since we cannot use GSM triangulation on continuous tracking for all our use cases. All data will be shared between stakeholder (mobility suppliers and producers, insurance companies, users, owners, government agencies), and this ensures a wider adoption of your technology. It is crucially important that data generated by mobility will not be kept in sole property of the vehicle manufacturers, for the customers and users to benefit from them and the competition they may generate, both for insurance but also for other connected services. To truly be in control, drivers must be able to choose freely from a variety of providers, rather than being bound by agreements pre-negotiated by vehicle manufacturers with third parties. And that’s why we will negotiate with every car producer to have our solution embedded at production stage.
The advantages of GNSS Galileo Tracking system:
  • Thanks to the multi-constellation of receivers that Galileo adds to, users can now know their exact position with greater precision
  • Galileo’s dual frequency capability offers significant advantages in terms of achievable accuracy, but also in terms of improved resistance to jamming
  • The products that people use every day, from the GPS in your car to a mobile phone, benefit from the increased accuracy that Galileo provides