Pietro Lanzarini
CEO & CO-Founder
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The vision of a connectivity platform and its multiple use case, where all stakeholders will be connected to track personal belongings, shipments, luggage, and mobility and generate powerful insights and gaing benefits, as a simpler, cheaper and more satisfying solution is just in our hands.


Create meaningful interaction with the needs of our customers, and generate huge value for all stakeholders.



Since our project originated from the Aviation experience of our CoFounder, this is the first industry we served. A tracking device totally compliant with Aviation Safety, patented in 2019.


As a Pivot from our initial project, we figured how we could serve Logistics and valuable goods distribution: our patented device with sensors to identify not only the location but also the temperature and the handling of the delivery, partnering with distributors in the Fresh Food and Diary category, in the Catering and Reusable but also in Luxury.


A much needed Bbox that purchased by the end user and connected to our App and our Back-end platform changes the relationship with insurance company and supplier of Mobility.


We strive and focus on innovation that may provide a greater experience to user. This is the reason of our existence.

The customer is always at the central place. And that’s why our innovation has been declined in products that go against existing incumbents:
  • our Bagtrax device enables baggage and cargo tracking no matter how deep the suppliers want to hide their malfunctioning, or where it has been sent.

  • Our BBox for Mobility enables more confident purchasing habits of insurance contracts and second-hand cars, cancelling frauds while covering all mobility needs.

Bagtrax has a patent, and we work to IP protect all our creations. One of our main innovations is our Insur-tech platform enabled by blockchain, capable of adapting to our different industries and propositions, and giving benefit to users like never before.

Testing the driving habits before issuing a quotation for a driving insurance is in the process of being patented, and no such algorithms is used by incumbents.

The platform supplies on/off insurance while on the go, since it is linked to the individual risk and not the vehicle.

There is no competitor that can use the same tool to personalize the data/contract to adapt them to different mobility supplier to insure them, and with a single monthly charge.

Our BBox has to be connected to the vehicle, exchanges data in real time with the cloud server and runs on a proprietary algorithm.

It is also connected to a webcam, to record and supply event information in case of accident.



Bagtrax is the tracking device for luggage.

Some years of development to patent a device totally compliant with Aviation Safety Regulations issued by EASA and FAA. Once in your luggage goes automatically in Safe Mode


Logitrax is the tracking device for logistics.

We added valuable sensors on our original device to increase the way it tracks everything connected to your valuable goods shipment: Light, Tilt and Shock, Temperature. Enjoy!


BBox is the multi sensor Device for Mobility.

To be installed in the car, it's connected with our insurtech platform and enables our "one man one contract" proposition and switching from different mobility suppliers


Traxit team have an overall 85 years of combined activity in our respective vertical (Aviation, IoT, Telecom, Mobility, Blockchain, Insurance) and connected to the industry focus of our projects. This means an experience-rich team.

At the time of initial Traxit concept development in 2015, the founding team met the Operational team and started to think about the technological solution to be implemented.

The problem was then supplying a tracking instrument compliant with the Aviation Safety Regulations issued by EASA.

After some years of study and test we designed the PCB that was then patented in 2019. Meanwhile we drew the infrastructure of the Ledger back-end platform.

And we were ready to launch the first pilot, when Covid struck. We all know what it meant for the Travel industry.

But such a talented team pivoted to work on the development of a mostly needed global mobility and insurance platform, connected to our GPS BBox and a mobile App.


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